10 Effective Video Examples of Paper Prototyping

Paper prototyping is a commonly used low cost usability method for testing and evaluating web designs and applications. This method lets developers conduct tests before a single line of code has been written, and allows you to identify and fix any potential issues early on in development.

Paper prototyping is a variation of usability testing where representative users perform realistic tasks by interacting with a paper version of the interface that is manipulated by a person ‘playing computer,’ who doesn’t explain how the interface is intended to work.” Quote from Carolyn Snyder.

In this post we have collected our top 10 videos that not only illustrate how effective paper prototyping can be, they also show you how to cost effectively conduct your own tests and some of the videos have been animated, which are just amazing to view.

If you would like to know more about Paper Prototyping, you can try these useful resources:
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Paper Prototype Animation

Hanmail Paper Prototype

This video is a paper-based prototype for Daum’s web mail service, Hanmail.net made with Ajax.

Paper Prototype Website – Testing a Web Shop

The goal of this prototype is for the user to find and order a red (or purple)shirt with turtleneck for this prototype.

Usability Testing with a Paper Prototype

The video shows a Usability session with a paper prototype of a leave application.

Paper Mock-Up – Trip Plannin Concept


Lo-fi Web Prototyping

PhotoTron Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype Testing for User Centered Interface Design at Ai Minnesota.

Paper Prototype Demonstration

This is a demonstration of how to use a simple paper prototype technique to design the composition of a webpage.

iPhone App Paper Prototyping


Paper GMail Art

This video is not quite a paper prototype usability test, but it is pretty cool, and it has been built with paper after all. Its a video that Saatchi Moscow created and produced for Google to attract more Russian people on GMail. Enjoy.

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