WordPress CMS Plugins

To make room for new content for the DiW 3.3 update, we’re “excerpting” this section into its own blog post. Here you’ll find an extensive round-up of CMS plugins for WordPress. Includes CMS plugins for better admin functionality, user-role management, custom content display, e-commerce & shopping carts, forums, newsletters, and more.

Administration Tools

These plugins provide CMS-like functionality to the WordPress Admin area.

  • WP-CMS Post Control — Provides complete control over the Write-Page and Write-Post areas of the WordPress Admin. Enables you to hide unwanted items, disable the Flash uploader, kill post revisions, and even add a personal message.
  • WP-CMS — Transforms the Admin area to focus more on page creation and less on post creation. Designed to simplify the whole process for your newbie clients. You can even disable the blog functionality entirely.
  • Flutter — Enables you to edit posts without leaving the post page and also provides custom write panels that enable further publishing functionality.
  • Supple Forms — Enables you to create custom write panels, as well as format and insert values into posts using shortcodes and snippets of HTML.
  • Custom Write Panel — Enables you to create additional write panels with customized input fields. Add textboxes, checkboxes, radio-buttons, dropdown menus, and more.
  • Pods — Comprehensive CMS functionality, enabling you to create, manage, and display custom content types. Features automatic pagination, public-form filtering, access control, menu editing, and more.

User Role Management

  • Members — Comprehensive user-, role-, and content-management plugin that was created to make WordPress a more powerful CMS. Provides more control over your blog with an extensive collection of component-based features.
  • s2Member — s2Member provides robust tools for setting up a PayPal-driven membership site, including secure members-only content with custom roles and capabilities.
  • Role Scoper — Provides you the ability to specify different permissions levels for different WordPress roles. Also provides options for implementing user groups.
  • Disclose-Secret — Enables you to hide specified posts from users unless they meet certain criteria.
  • Page Restrict — Enables you to restrict specified pages to logged-in users.

Ordering, Filtering, Limiting and Displaying Content

  • AStickyPostOrderER — Enables you to customize post-display order for category views, archive views, and even sitewide.
  • Advanced Category Excluder — Provides advanced content separation and category management for WordPress. Exclude any number of categories according to your needs. Also provides control over feeds and search results.
  • Custom Post Limits — Provides control over the number of posts that appear on the home page, in various archive views, and in search results.
  • Custom Query String Reloaded — Rework of the original plugin, CQS Reloaded controls the number of posts displayed on just about any type of page view, including archives, months, categories, home page, search, and many more. For more information on CQS Reloaded, check out the popout in section 5.1.4.

eCommerce and Shopping Carts

  • eShop — Provides shopping-cart functionality that includes customizable product listings, multiple product options, advanced payment options, basic statistics, and more.
  • WP e-Commerce — Provides an “elegant and easy to use fully featured shopping cart” that claims to be the “most complete and powerful Shopping Plugin you will find for WordPress.”
  • YAK for WordPress — Provides basic shopping-cart functionality that associates products with blog posts.
  • Quick Shop — Adds a sidebar widget that displays cart contents to the user and enables easy item removal. Also enables you to easily add products to your posts and pages.
  • Cart66 Lite — Shopping cart plugin that enables you to sell digital and/or physical products with a host of useful options. Features include advanced shipping options, custom fields for products, customizable email receipts, Amazon S3 integration, and much more.

Email Mailing List and Newsletter Plugins

  • WP-Campaign-Monitor — Email newsletter and SMS functionality enabling users to send campaigns, track results, and manage subscribers. Even includes a plug-n-play sidebar widget.
  • PHPList Form Integration — Enables users to easily subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed from any page on your blog. Designed to work with PHPList, an excellent open-source newsletter manager.
  • WordPress Double Opt-In Manager Widget — Enables users to subscribe to your mailing list by way of a double opt-in method that includes the email form and a confirmation email.
  • MailChimp — MailChimp is a third-party email newsletter sending service. They have an official plugin to help integrate with WordPress.

Miscellaneous CMS Plugins

  • ProjectManager — Manage any number of projects with recurrent datasets. Great for portrait systems, music and DVD collections, and just about anything else imaginable.
  • WP-PostRatings — Enables users to rate your post content. Highly customizable. One of the best.
  • User Submitted Posts — Enables visitors to submit posts and images from anywhere on your site. User-submitted posts optionally include tags, categories, post title, URL and more.

Using WordPress as a Forum

Although forum functionality is not (yet) built into the WordPress core, implementing a forum on your site is easily accomplished with the help of these awesome plugins.

  • bbPress Forum — bbPress is simple, fast, and elegant forum software from the same people who make WordPress. bbPress is focused on web standards, ease of use, ease of integration, and speed.
  • Simple:Press Forum, aka Simple Forum — A feature-rich forum plugin for WordPress that fully integrates into your WordPress-powered site. Fully customizable and includes plenty of skins and icons to get you started.

More Forum Plugins

Here are two more useful forum plugins for WordPress, both include great features and look like great forum solutions.

Fonte: http://digwp.com/2012/01/wordpress-cms-plugins/

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