Editores de texto e compiladores para less.js

Ferramentas muito úteis.



Crunch is not just a LESS compiler, it is also a LESS editor. If you work a lot with LESS files you should definitely try it out. Crunch is build on the Adobe AIR platform.

Crunch screenshot



SimpLESS is a minimalistic LESS compiler. Just drag, drop and compile. One of the unique features of SimpLESS is that it supports ‘prefixing’ your CSS by using http://prefixr.com.. SimpLESS is build on titanium platform.

SimpLESS screenshot




LESS.app was the first GUI compiler for LESS. LESS.app has a ‘Compiler’ tab where you can see the compiler results.

LESS.app screenshot




WinLess started out as a clone of LESS.app. It takes a more feature-complete approach and has several settings. It also supports starting with command line arguments.

WinLess screenshot

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